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Build an integrated government securities market

To raise necessary financial ressources for member states to

fund their economic development policies

Governement securities market

The Government Securities market is the unique local market, by auction, exclusively dedicated to the financing of the WAEMU Member States.


The issuers on the Government Securities Market are the 8 states of the WAEMU zone.

Market intermediaries

Banks, brokerage firms, natural and legal persons in the Union that have settlement account on the BCEAO (Central Bank) book.


Documents are available for :

  • Debt management ;
  • Instructions ;
  • Applicable regulations.

UMOA-Titres  (UT) is dedicated to helping member states use capital markets to raise the resources they need to fund their economic development policies at reasonable cost.

The UT is tasked with identifying the most suitable means of raising the financial resources required for state financing on the regional and international capital markets.

What role does UMOA-Titres play on the WAEMU Government Securities market?