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Would you like to invest in WAEMU Government Securities ? You must follow these different steps :

1. Open a securities account in a bank or a brokerage firm located in the WAEMU zone

2. Subscribe to the Newsletter of the Government Securities Market to be informed of the release of the issuance calendar and tender notice

3. Consult the issuance calendar. This will allow you to pre select the issuances you are interested in.

4. Select the product that suits best your expectations and needs.

5. Take note of the characteristics and context of the issuance you have pre-selected as soon as the issuance tender notice and related documents are published.

6. Review the results of the issuances which are available no later than 24 hours after the show. This will give you an idea of your return on investment.

7. Enjoy your investment according to the repayment terms as mentioned on the tender notice of the corresponding issuance.