About us

UMOA-Titres (UT) is dedicated to helping member states use capital markets to raise the resources they need to fund their economic development policies at reasonable cost.

In the framework of the modernization of the Union’s economic financing instruments, the financial markets were identified by the authorities of the Union as the preferred source of development funding. This decision designated the regional financial market as one of the primary sources of funding to meet the needs of the member states.

In this context, and with a view to boosting the public securities market to meet the growing financing needs of the WAMU member states’ economies, the authorities, through the Council of Ministers, initiated the creation of UMOA-Titres, a regional agency to support public securities issuance and management in the Union.

The Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) was authorized by Decision No. CM/UMOA/006/05/2012 of the Council of Ministers to create a regional agency to support the issuance and management of public securities of WAMU member states known as “UMOA-Titres”.

Based on the foregoing Decision of Council of Ministers, the Governor of the BCEAO created an international public institution with legal and financial autonomy, to be known as UMOA-Titres (UT), on March 15, 2013.