T-Bond - Togo - 04/09/2014


30 000 (millions of FCFA)

Amount Withheld

40 000.0000 (millions of FCFA)

Marginal price

9 780.0000F CFA

Weighted average rate

6.8489 %


Instrument: T-Bond
Date of operation: 04/09/2014
Tender amount: 30 000 millions of FCFA
Terms: 60 month(s)
Grace period 1 year(s)
Value date: 05/09/2014
Maturity: 05/09/2019
Interest rate: 6.5000%
Denomination per unit: 10 000 FCFA


Amount requested:30 000 millions of FCFA
Total proposed amount:50 039.2800 millions of FCFA
Price (weighted average):9 894.0000 FCFA
Marginal Price:9 780.0000 FCFA
Number of bids:
Rate of coverage of the amount tendered:166.7976 %
Winning bids:40 000.0000 millions of FCFA
Weighted average yield:6.8489 %

Bid submission

Where to submit bids : Bids are submitted through the SAGETIL-UMOA software application

Submission date : 04/09/2014 10h30mn UTC

Redemption of matured securities

The refund of these bonds will be made by constant annual redemption after a grace period of 1 years. The interest payment will be made annually on the basis of a rate of 6.5000% from the first year.

Download the files of this issuance

The files of the above issuance will be progressively put at your disposal. This column is updated on a regular basis.






Do you have any question about Government securities ? See F.A.Q.

How to subscribe to T-bills and T-bonds?

In the case of issuances by syndication, investors are requested to join a brokerage firm to open a securities account. After issuance on the primary market these securities are renegotiable on the BRVM which is the regional stock exchange market. As for securities issued through tender investors are requested to get in contact with the primary dealers, banks and brokerage firms of the WAEMU zone

Who can subscribe to Government securities?

The purchase of securities on the primary market is reserved to banks, brokerge firms and all financial institutions that have a settlement account on the books of BCEAO (central bank).

As for the other investors, individual or moral persons independently of their location, they can purchase securities on the primary market through accredited bank or brokerage firm on the Union.

When are T-bonds paid?

All informations regarding securities (date of payment of interests, total amount of interests, payment of securities, taxation) are mentioned on the terms and conditions document published along with each new issuance.

Can a member state decide to pay the owners of T-bills and T-bonds with priority?

No, on the WAEMU zone securities are dematerialized with no special treatment to its owner. All bearers of the same securities are treated identically.